2017 International Tabletop Day


For the 2nd straight year, I took part in celebrating International Tabletop Day (ITTD). It is a day for board games, card games, pen-and-pencil RPGs, and nearly everything in between. The website “Geek and Sundry” has an all-day gaming stream going, where they not only play some of their favorite games, but raise thousands of dollars for some great charities and organizations. You can catch their stream here.

This year, I had to work at 6:30 PM, plus I had trouble with Louisville’s transit system (that’s worth a blog post by itself….), so I didn’t get to Scotty’s house until 2:45, leaving me with about 3 hours of game time. It was still a fun time!

The players that were there while I was: J.R., Scotty, and Evan (later). We had Geek and Sundry’s stream playing in the background. These are the games that we played before I had to leave:

  1. “Smallworld” – I’ll put a full review of this up later. The basic gist of the game: you have different combinations of races and professions/talents that you use to control as much territory as possible. For example: “Alchemist Skeletons” or “Commando Amazons”. These combos are fairly random; each talent and each race have special bonuses that you can do and earn.
    In this game, I had “Bivouwacking Trolls” to start: it allowed me to very strongly build up defense, preventing Scotty and J.R. from doing too much damage to my forces without costing a bunch in return. I finished 2nd but it was a major improvement from when I played before.

    Smallworld borad. Not our actual board.
  2. “Sushi Go!”. A card game where you trying to get the most points after 3 rounds. You get these points by playing various sushi-based cards (Sashimi, Wasabi, Pidding, etc.), face down, one at a time, then pass the remaining cards to the player to your left, and flip over the played card. Once each player has passed their deck, they play another card, pass the desk, flip the card, and so-on, until a certain amount of cards are flipped. Add up your points (or take appropriate penalties!). Do this cycle 3 times to find the winner! A very fun, quick-paced game!

    Sushi Go cards and their point vallues
  3. “Mysterium” – I’ve written a blog about this game, and “Podicus Wrecks” mentioned it in Episode #22. On this go-around, I was The Ghost. While I did a better job of getting clues out to J.R., Evan, and Scotty, my “murder” still went unsolved.
  4. “Roll For It!”. This is a fun, fast-paced, fairly easy dice-rolling game. 3 cards, with various point values on the bottom, have different combinations of dice to roll. You have 6 dice to roll these various combinations; whatever numbers you roll, you can place these dice on their respective cards. For example:
    In these sample cards, the red circled numbers are the point values. You roll two ‘6’s, two ‘2’s, a ‘4’, and a ‘5’. You can put your ‘2’s on the green card, giving you 4 dice to roll on your next turn. On that turn, you roll two ‘5’, a ‘2’, and a ‘3’. You can either put your ‘2’ or your ‘3’ down (leaving you with 3 dice), you can put your ‘5’s down (leaving you with 2 dice), or pick up ALL of your dice (giving you 6 again), and try to roll something better.
    The first player to collect 40 points wins!

To wrap up my ITTD, I am going to continue to listen to Episode 1 of “A Dirty World – Shades of Gray” at work, from “Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast” (I actually found this site via a comment on a blog post I made about “Role Playing Public Radio”. After work, I’m going to finally finish “Blue Planet”, from Role Playing Public Radio. It’s been another fun International Tabletop Day – I hope you got a chance to play a game somewhere!


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